Thursday, 3 February 2011

Would you Fake It?

Some women just love designer handbags!

I have listened to women, who can clearly afford an expensive handbag, admit to picking up a very good copy costing hundreds but maybe saving themselves thousands.

Obviously, the thinking behind this is that they do not wish to spend exorbitant amounts of money on just a bag but they love the style nonetheless.

Dolce & Gabbana Animalier Range

I could never quite understand this obsession. It seems weird to me to carry a fake handbag. It is still a fake no matter how well made it may appear. There are always slight imperfections which an expert can pick up.

Being the over the top person I am, my imagination sometimes runs away with itself and I have visions of walking along a street, my handbag burdened with all my beloved personal items, and the handbag police - spotting my fake bag - stopping me, insisting that I empty the contents of my fake purse onto the pavement so that they can whip the offending item away for destruction! Oh the embarrassment of wondering if anyone saw!

I'm not into designer labels and won't choose a bag just because it has been created by someone famous. I choose my bags for colour, texture and style. Boring, I know but it works for me.

I've seen the most unbelievable copies of handbags which should never have seen the light of day! What may well have started out as a truly remarkable handbag ends up as an ugly, replicated mess.

I'll definitely be sticking to my unbranded bags, trying not to give pitying glances to those ladies who are deluded enough to believe their fake Gucci or LV is passing for the real thing!

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