Saturday, 5 February 2011

Black Bag

I spent yesterday thinking up descriptions for some new handbags. I'm not the greatest on thinking up descriptions and wonder if I should give all my handbags names to make it a little easier when describing them.  Some come ready named but the cheaper ones don't.

I sat for ages staring at one black bag thinking what can I call this one. 'Black bag', 'black bag with zipper', 'plaited, buckled thingy', etc... The only problem with that is after listing 50 different 'black bags' or plaited buckled thingys, that idea doesn't really work!
Zipper - £24.50

Why can't manufacturers name all their bags making it easier to list them?

After much deliberation, I came up with the boring name of "Zipper"! Why? Because it has a zip on each side of the bag and I was tired of staring at it trying to get some inspiration!

I won't surprise myself if during the coming weeks, I rename it once my brain has clicked into gear and I think of something a little more exciting.

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  1. I try to name all my masks, trouble is when a customer refers to them by name I am often confused as to which mask they are referring to...and im rapidly running out of appropriate names!


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