Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Handbag Hooks

Anyone seen the new handbag hooks? 

A friend passed me an email the other day asking me to guess what "this" is.  After a few guesses of luxury handcuffs, strange pendant or keyring holder, I was informed that in fact, it was a handbag hook.  This was the first time I had seen one but typically, after signing on to Facebook that evening, I saw an advert from Swarovski for the very same thing.  The picture showed a beautiful glass and chrome design which secures onto a table allowing you to hook your handbag onto it.  The supposed benefit of this is that your handbag is in your eye view at all times. 

Swarovski Handbag Hook
Critter Hook

Anyone having had their handbag pinched will think this is a great idea.  There is nothing worse than at the end of an evening out with friends, you bend down to retrieve your handbag from under the table to discover that someone has made off with it. 

Handbags are mini houses - in some cases, mini temples!  It's not just the loss of a handbag which is devastating, it's what they hold. 

I recall once having had my purse taken out of a backpack and how emotional I became because, even though the money and cards were replaceable, I was disappointed that I was never going to see my purse again!  I loved that purse.  I was even more annoyed because the thief had been so obvious but I'd been too embarrassed to check my suspicion that he may have been going down my bag!

I'm not sure how useful these hooks will be in a crowded city bar, but they sure are cute!

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  1. I love this idea. I put my bag on the floor and am terrible for forgetting it.


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