Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Average handbag day

On average, I change my handbag every few weeks.  I don't have to match it with every outfit on a daily basis.  So different to my daughter.  She changes her handbag daily according to what she is wearing.  I hate the thought of forgetting something in my old bag.  What is that?  You clear out the contents of your handbag only to discover that you've left your train pass in the other bag.

For weeks I've been wearing the same pastel blue soft leather bag which I absolutely adore.  I know I have to change it soon or the handles will begin to look worn.

I have a favourite red Cynthia Rowley handbag where the handles have begun to show wear and tear.  I've put off retiring it even though in my heart of hearts I know the time has come...sob, sob!  This is when I wish I'd worn it less and preserved it more.

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