Saturday, 13 June 2009

Bagsy's Handbag Choices for 2009

Bagsy's Shopping Bags

For 2009, big bags still rule. This year's colours remain primary reds, black and white. Also featuring strongly, are golds, emeralds, fushias, purples and beiges.

The Yummy Mummy Bag

Nappy / Diaper Bags

The nappy bag or diaper bag, depending on which side of the pond you are from, has undergone a radical make-over. No longer are young mothers expected to carry cute little bunny decorated nappy bags (diaper bags). Nowadays women are opting for chic, comfortable, fashionable nappy bags (diaper bags) that carry all necessities for babies but still look chic enough to drop into your favourite restaurant with.

The Tote

Tote bags remain popular choices as totes are large and roomy enough to fit most kitchen sinks! The tote comes into its own when using it for airtravel. Not only does the tote bag fulful your fashion needs, it doubles as a mini suitcase holding such valuables as a laptop, camera and all things one would not dream of putting in an out of sight suitcase. When asked 'would you like to put that in the hold madam?' one can always reply, 'no, that's just my handbag'!!

Shopping Bags

The love affair between a woman and her handbag has probably outlasted many a male/female relationship! So much so, we've convinced ourselves we now need to carry two of them! The lowly plastic bag has become almost extinct. In its place, we have adopted the new and trendy, "tote" or the designer "shopping bag". No longer do our sandwiches and favourite book reside in our local supermarket's throw away plastic, we now spend tens of pounds ensuring they are securely snuggled into the latest designer shopping bag. The upshot of this is we have now burdened ourselves with carrying two bags, one main bag and one shopping bag, and we still can't locate our keys!

Evening Purses

Prom Bags

Prom evenings are fairly new to the UK. It is a night when graduating teenagers dress in their finest clothes and attend the school dance for the last time.
Proms have been popular in America for many years and although new here, we are fast catching up with the tradition. Prom evenings tend to be pretty lavish affairs where it is not unusual to see girls turned out in ballgowns with the obligatory prom purse tucked under their arm. Prom purses tend to be small, compact bags made of various types of material such as satin, silk, leather and various other materials. The glamorous prom purse is a must for every prom evening!

Prom purses are bought to match a chosen dress and shoes and have to be large enough to carry the necessities such as tissues, money, phone and makeup.

Clutch Bags

Whether they are satin clutch bags, beaded clutch bags, leather clutch bags, silk clutch bags or any other type of material you care to name, the clutch bag has remained a popular accessory for evening wear. Clutch bags come in a variety of colours and styles but one thing is constant, is that they are small and handleless.

Wrist Bags / Wristlets

Wrist bags (wristlets) are not much different to clutch bags except they conveniently have a strap which slips over your wrist securing your wrist bag to you. Wrist bags are smaller versions of the clutch and are almost purse sized. The great thing about wrist bags is that they can be attached to a larger bag as an additional accessory containing your valuables.

Small Top Handle Bags

Clutch bags with hidden link-chain handles are popular because a small clutch bag can be quickly turned into an over the shoulder or cross-body handbag. The popular handles for this type of bag is the chain link as it is easily hidden within the bag without taking up valuable room.

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